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How to use Tap My Back with Microsoft Teams
Written by Carolina Santos
Updated 1 month ago

After integrating Tap My Back with Microsoft you’re just a few steps away to start your recognition experience inside Microsoft Teams.

Here your next steps:

  1. Click to Install Tap My Back App for Teams 
  2. Use the email account associated with Tap My Back
  3. Go to Microsoft Teams > "more added apps" on your Microsoft Teams sidebar menu and look for Tap My Back

And it's done!

Now you’re able to give recognition, check your news feed and profile directly from Microsoft Teams. 

News Feed

Give Recognition

Personal Profile

Also, the recognitions appear on your team chat!

Anyone that has access to this team will see this Tap...                                       ...and anyone will be able to Re-Tap right from there!

We hope this integration adds value to you! And if you have any doubts don't hesitate to reach out to us (through hello@tapmyback.com).

Huge Tap to you!

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