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Beginning the Trial

Quick overview for the best experience
Written by Claudia
Updated 1 year ago

Welcome to Tap My Back trial! 👋

If you just found about Tap My Back software and want to make a quick trial, you came to the right place!

Here we will suggest some Steps to make the best of your experience using Tap My Back.

Before going to Step 1, here are some tips you can use to start the trial:

  1. Complete the inbound process: Try the different features step by step, you will then have a better understanding of the app.
  2. Set deadlines to complete each step. E.g. 1 day for completion of each step.
  3. At the end of the trial, invite 3/4 colleagues, so they can also get to fully understand the software;
  4. Get together and discuss the product!

Start with the first step HERE!

We are waiting for you!
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